Eyelash Growth Products

Eyelash Growth Products

There are many different eyelash growth products available on the market.

Over the counter

Revitalash, Marini Lash and Lilash are example of over the counter eyelash growth products. Although they cannot claim to make your eyelashes grow, they can act as conditioners or supporting serums to boost your natural eyelash growth by nourishing the follicle.

They often come in a mascara bottle and are usually applied like a mascara to the hair itself.

There is no independent clinical evidence to prove that these products work.

The most successful over the counter eyelash growth product was Age Intervention Eyelash by Jan Marini was discontinued as it was found to contain bimatoprost, which is a drug licensed in America as Latisse for eyelash growth, and was being sold without prescription. This was dangerous and the American government raided the company to seize all of its stock. More can be read here.

Prescription Eyelash Growth Products in the UK

Mylash is a service that offers consultation and treatment for people if they feel that their eyelashes are not long or thick enough. You fill in a medical form, pay for the treatment and it is delivered to your door. The treatments offered includes a topical medication that is applied to the base of the eyelashes once a day.

We only offer treatments that are clinically proven and have been used by millions of people around the world to grow their eyelashes.

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