eyelash growth UK

Eyelash growth UK

Increased eyelash growth is a goal for many women and there are a variety of products available that offer a solution.

The most common are the over the counter eyelash growth serums, such as Rapidlash from Boots.

These treatments do not grow your eyelashes and if you look at their website wording, you will see that they offer “longer looking eyelashes”. They are conditioners, similar to conditioners used for scalp hair, that contain vitamins.

There is no independent clinical evidence that they work and the studies that support them are conducted by the manufacturers based on questions such as “would you recommend this treatment to a friend”.

The over the counter products did work in the past – they were adulterated with bimatoprost, a clinically proven eyelash growth drug, but this was discovered and they were prosecuted in America by the Food and Drug Administration.



The only clinically proven treatment for eyelash growth is bimatoprost (Latisse) and we offer this treatment on our website.

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