Celebrity Beauty Stalker

Celebrity Beauty Stalker

The story of my lashes will soon be shaped into a Hollywood blockbuster! In fact, I bet your bottom lash that Tinsel town’s finest crop of celebrity are already blinking with pleasure and just like the A-list I’m delighted to have found Mylash too! – Well! What can I say? Great lashes do think alike!

Mylash, also known as Latisse, is what I call a beautifying fertiliser for your eye-lash dilemma. It helps to grow your lashes back just the way your peepers hoped for!

And that’s longer, thicker and darker lashes! – I can vouch for that!!

1. Clinically proven with trails conducted for the American Government.
2. Prescription included from a British, fully GMC registered doctor.
3. The only clinically proven treatment available that will grow your eyelashes longer, thicker and darker.
4. Easy to apply and doesn’t interfere with mascara or extensions.

10/10 stars. I would highly recommend it.

Celebrity Beauty Stalker
Celebrity Beauty Stalker January 2013.

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Founder of Celebrity Beauty Stalker and Salon Manager of the VIP Beauty Centre, St Johns Wood, London.