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I’ve tried a number of lash serums in the year but mixed results and I have limited patience too waiting for results to show. The last one I tried was by M2 Beaute – unfortunately it started to sting my eye after about 2 weeks so my mum will now be testing that product from scratch for me.
So something different for me in the form of Mylash. Mylash is a prescription only lash growth treatment – you have to fill out a medical questionnaire which assessed by a doctor before the product is delivered to you.

Mylash provides a solution of bimatoprost (also known as Latisse), which contains a prostaglandin analogue, that stimulates your eyelash follicles to grow hairs that are longer and thicker. The product is in liquid form and is applied to the base of your eyelashes like a liquid eyeliner. It is absorbed into the hair bulb which is situated below the skin and it acts to upregulate the hair cycle. This results in an increased growth rate of the hair and the hair produced is longer, thicker and darker.

It’s tiny little brush so you can really get it into the base of the lash – you don’t cover the hair at all. If there’s excess you dab it off.

My aunt accused me of having lash extensions and has so far refused to believe that they’re my lashes but there you go – must be how people feel when they suddenly grow boobs and get asked if they’ve had implants.

Other observations:

The lashes are a lot thicker at the base – almost like more lashes are pushing through where they used to be quite sparse.

– I noticed some discolouration not in the eyeball but around the skin near the base of my lashes. I used less and less serum and the discolouration started to fade.

– Lashes getting in the way a bit now – cos they’re getting long. You know how people with long lashes say they get tangled and stuff? I am experiencing that occasionally.

– I prefer to apply the serum under the lashes (like when you tightline) rather than above – less chance of staining and it really gets into the root which is the ONLY place you need to apply serum.

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