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Lashes and brows
Less hair, different area, same rules. Years of over-plucking brows and burdening lashes with hefty extensions can take their toll, and as a result, peptide-based growth serums have become a must-have beauty staple for many.

These serums certainly improve the condition of sparse lashes and brows, giving the overall impression of more hair, but Dr Wong points out that only medically active ingredients can actually increase hair growth. Bimatoprost (despite sounding like an inhabitant of The Shire) is, so far, the only ingredient proven to do this. Originally used to treat an eye condition called glaucoma (under the name Lumigan), it turned out to have an unexpected side effect: mega lash growth.

It has since been approved for cosmetic use in the US under the name Latisse, but is not yet licensed for cosmetic use in the UK. However, UK-based medical practitioners can prescribe it as a lash booster at their discretion (you can get hold of it by completing an online prescription form at Do so with caution, though, as there’s a small risk of a secondary side effect: it changes some users’ eye colour. Yep. Really. A risk worth taking for fluttery, falsie-esque lashes? Your call, and definitely at your own risk.

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