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Mylash recommended in the Cosmopolitan Beauty Bible 2011
With a combined 22 years in the beauty business, we’ve tried more than our fair share of lotions and potions. But when one of us ‘fessed up to using the same eyeliner every day for three years, we realised we all use an amazing number of the same products over and over again, despite a mountain of new stuff hitting our desks week. Why? Because they work really well. Cue furious list-writing of all our life changing products and most-used beauty tricks. We couldn’t bear to keep them to ourselves, so here’s a little insight into what goes on in our bathrooms.

Number 15

I’ve been using a treatment from Mylash for a couple of months now. It’s a lash growth treatment that was prescribed for me. A bit pricey at £200, but it’s already really extended my lashes – even my friends have noticed a difference. Cassie

Cosmo logoCosmopolitan Magazine April 2011.

Cosmo editor recommends Mylash
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, Ingebord Van Lotringen and Kate Turner – Beauty writer, Beauty Director and Beauty Editor respectively at Cosmopolitan Magazine UK.

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