Daily Mail December 2019

Mylash in Daily Mail print version Lotion to regrow lashes

CLAIM: This liquid contains bimatoprost, which is said to help grow stronger and thicker eyelashes. Apply daily with the brush provided for four months.

EXPERT VERDICT: Iain Sallis, a consultant trichologist at BMI The Park Hospital in Nottinghamshire, says: ‘Bimatoprost was initially developed to treat people with the eye pressure condition glaucoma, which can cause blindness, and users of the drug noticed an unexpected side-effect: thicker, longer lashes.

‘It’s not licensed for any specific hair loss problem, but is worth a try for some hair loss conditions or if chemotherapy has caused your eyelashes to fall out.

‘I sometimes recommend products like this to patients with eyelash loss. It’s safe to use, but see your GP if you get side-effects such as irritation.’

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