Financial Times – October 2022

The best mascaras for luscious lashes

Rebecca Newman of the Financial Times wrote the following article for the beauty section on the 18th October 2022. Our good friend Sue Marsh, rightly named as the Lash Queen, was quoted for her expert knowledge on the subject.

Beyoncé likes mink ones. Marilyn Monroe’s sold for $8,960, and Madonna’s got some that are studded with diamonds. False eyelashes have long been a shortcut to superstar impact. But these days, clinically backed growth serums, lash lifts and innovations in technology offer impactful ways to make your homegrown flutter more fantastic.

eyelashes with mascara

Current market leaders include Latisse and RevitaLash, which has sold 12 million tubes of its Advanced Eyelash Conditioner (from £89). Its fans include Kim Kardashian and the Duchess of Sussex (who said that RevitaLash makes her eyelashes “as long as they could ever be”). This September saw the launch of a sensitive version: RevitaLash Advanced Sensitive Eyelash Conditioner (£99).

Sue Marsh, known as the “queen of lashes”, whose clients have included Naomi Campbell, is glad that serums are taking over. “I seldom encourage extensions these days; people used to get addicted and wear heavy lashes for months on end. That can lead to traction alopecia [drop out].” Instead, these days she recommends a serum “with perhaps a lash lift”. Lifts effectively perm the lash and are effective for four to six weeks; try a standard lift (in which the lash opens in a J shape) or a curl (a C shape), both of which are available at London’s Blink Brow Bars, alongside a hydrating “lash mask”. The gold standard is an LVL (length, volume and lift) with a moisturising treatment, adds the team behind beauty app Lucie, which enables users to book at-home treatments. Lash specialist Daxita Vaghela also recommends asking for a keratin-based formula in lifts to strengthen the lash.

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