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After five months of  chemotherapy to blitz my ovarian cancer in April 2008, I had no body hair left, as chemo kills the cells that produce hair follicles. Losing the hair on my head I could deal with even though I’d always had long hair. My boyfriend Mark shaved my head and I simply carried on with the same determination that had seen me through the intense nausea, fatigue and hot flushes of chemo. But without eyelashes and brows I found my face had no definition. My reflection was blank: I looked like a boiled egg.

In June, my hair grew back as thick as ever. My leg hair, too, came back with a vengeance. But my lashes were so short and frail they were all but invisible. No mascara in the world could help. Desperate to feel feminine again after having extensive surgery, I turned to Grazias beauty team, who recommended I visit lash extension expert Sue Marsh at her London clinic. It took two hours to apply around 200 false lashes and, when I walked out, I felt attractive for the first time since I’d been ill. I even caught my reflection in a shop window and was pleasantly surprised.

I would happily have spent £190 on eyelash extensions every three months for the rest of my life, but Sue warned me that relying on extensions full-time meant my eyelashes would never recover their full natural length. So, Sue sent me to MyLash. MyLash provides consultation and treatment for individuals that wish to activate and enhance their natural lash growth.

After a consultation, it was agreed that MyLash could help me. I painted a solution that was prescribed to me on like eyeliner every night and after six weeks my eyelashes were 25 percent longer. Within three months they were 100 per cent thicker and felt fabulously full. Best of all, they looked better than they did before I was ill. For an extra boost, Sue gave me a lash lift — an eyelash curl that lasts eight weeks.

The result looked natural, only better. Without being able to pinpoint exactly what’s changed about me, friends tell me I’ve got the twinkle back in my eye. And when I see my new eyelashes in the mirror, I finally look like me again.

Written by:

beauty writer for Grazia Magazine.

The above is an account of one journalist that used the Mylash treatment. We cannot guarantee individual results and the use of the service does not guarantee the prescription of a medication.