How to properly grow out your eyebrows

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First off, don’t feel bad. Over-zealous plucking and waxing, either by you or your beautician is based on the best of intentions. We know. Like too much make-up, it’s intuitive to actually do more to get better results. Doing absolutely nothing and expecting to wake up a young Brooke Shields or a Restoin-Roitfeld feels wrong, but if you want the virgin brows of your youth back there’s a few simple rules, and a good way to go about it. Let’s start with step one:

Stop. tweezing.

Or waxing, or threading etc…If you want to see this through you’ll have to inject a little laissez-faire into your brow routine. Get used to it.

Wait it out

This is not a one-week operation. It can take at least several months for the full hair growth cycle of your eyebrow hairs to complete itself, so hold out. For as long as you can, or at least until three months. At most, this can take half a year.

Stray area

Make peace with the fact that your eyebrows are not going to look their best for a little while. Stray hairs will come in around the outer ends, above the eyebrow and around the eyelid area. But, and here’s the part where you’re allowed to do something, try using a brow gel to smooth down hairs that come in at an odd angle. Benefit Gimme Brow has a good level of hold to pin down unruly individuals. If the stray is alone in an obvious area, a heavy-duty concealer will help. Try M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer.

Tweeze into it

The good, or great, news is: at the three-month mark, tweezing is okay. Though keep this strictly to the lid an outer brow area. This is said to actually stimulate hair growth, above and around where you’re tweezing, which means in the brow itself.

Growth stimulus

While you wait it out, you can help along your hairs using a product that promotes hair growth. Latisse is an eyelash growing serum that many swear works on eyebrows and is said to stimulate hair growth and also promote thicker, darker hairs.

In the right direction

Keep at the above for up to a year. Add to your handbag, desk drawer or beauty cabinet, the aforementioned eyebrow gel, or a clear mascara and train your eyebrow hairs to grow in the right direction.

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