Safety is paramount with Mylash, and we ensure that our customers are fully informed about all aspects of the service.

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Patient Selection

If someone is unsuitable for the Mylash service then they are quickly informed. One of the most common reason for being unsuitable pregnancy or breastfeeding as the health of the child is paramount.

The medical questionnaire is an integral component of Mylash and each is reviewed by a British medical doctor. We turn away patients when it is in their best interests.

Possible Side Effects

The majority of individuals that receive treatment with a topical medicine using the Mylash service will experience no side effects.

The most common side effect is redness and/or itchiness on the skin at the base of the eyelashes. However, this side effect occurs in less than 4% of individuals. In our experience when it does occur, if often only occurs for the first few applications but this is not guaranteed.

Rare side effects from application include pigmentation of the skin at which it is applied, which may be reversible with cessation of treatment. When the treatment was previousl applied directly on the eyeball to treat glaucoma, it has been described as causing brown pigmentation to appear in those with blue irises in a small number of cases. This side effect is considered irreversible but has never been demonstrated when it has been used for cosmetic purposes. We cannot guarantee that this would never occur but we have not had any clients describe iris pigmentation change since we started in 2007.

If the solution is applied to an area repeatedly that is not the base of the eyelash, it may cause the hair at that location to be more visible. This is minimised by properly following the supplied instructions carefully.