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What is Latisse?

Latisse is the brand name for bimatoprost at 0.03% concentration indicated for the treatment of eyelash hypotrichosis available in America. Hypotrichosis is when an individual has inadequate or not enough eyelashes. Applying Latisse to the base of the eyelash causes them to grow longer, thicker and darker.

How does it work?

Latisse is a liquid that is applied to the skin at the base of your eyelashes like an eyeliner. It is absorbed into the hair bulb below the skin and stimulates the hair growth cycle. This results in an increased growth rate of the hair and the hair produced is longer, thicker and darker.

What results can I achieve?

Independent studies demonstrated the average user achieved lashes that are:

  • 25% longer
  • 106% thicker
  • 18% darker

How soon will I see results?

The solution acts at the root of the hair and the results do not occur overnight. Most individuals notice a difference after 4 weeks but the best results take 16 weeks.

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How much does Mylash cost?

The Mylash service costs £105 and includes the prescription, treatment and free signed for delivery. This treatment will last 3-4 months and will grow your eyelashes significantly longer, thicker and darker.

Can anyone use the Mylash service?

Mylash requires a set of medical questions to be completed before we prescribe and deliver any treatments and we do not guarantee that everyone will receive treatment. We only charge your card if you can use the treatment so you would never be out of pocket if you are unsuitable. The main reason we turn individuals away is pregnancy or breast feeding. Although there is no evidence that it is unsafe to use when pregnant, and people have used the treatment during pregnancy without any problems, we still believe that anyone should avoid unnecessary treatments during pregnancy. If you have problems with your eyes that require the regular care of an ophthalmologist, such as active uveitis or glaucoma, we would not offer any treatment to you. To buy the treatment we need to make sure it is suitable for you and we do this for your best interest too.

What are the side effects?

The most common side effect is irritation at the site of application which typically lasts a few days. This occurs in less than 4% of individuals according to trials for the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Less than 1% have a slight darkening of the skin at the base of the eyelash, at the area that they would apply a liquid eyeliner, and this is reversible when stopping treatment. When this treatment was applied to the eyeball to treat glaucoma some individuals with blue or green eyes developed brown pigmentation, like a freckle, on their iris (the coloured part of the eye). This has never been seen in a cosmetic application of this product during any clinical trials or in any studies. Millions of Americans have bought Latisse and we have not been able to find a well documented case of anyone proving that any eye colour change has occurred when using Latisse properly.

“Women looking for longer, fuller, darker eyelashes are no longer opting for false lashes or extensions, but are turning to this service which could spell the end of these – and standard mascara, too.”
“After five months of chemotherapy to blitz my ovarian cancer I had no body hair left as chemo kills the cells that produce hair follicles. I painted the treatment on like eyeliner every night and after six weeks my eyelashes were 25 percent longer. Within three months they were thicker and felt fabulously full. The result looked natural, only better. Without being able to pinpoint exactly what’s changed about me, friends tell me I’ve got the twinkle back in my eye. And when I see my new eyelashes in the mirror, I finally look like me again.”
“While you wait it out, you can help along your hairs using a treatment that promotes hair growth.”
“Like any girl, I want my lashes to be longer and thicker. I’ve tried lash-boosters, and they do make a difference, but I want more. So I’m turning to the hard stuff and road-testing a lash growing treatment that’s just become available in the UK. Only available on prescription, its offered from the Mylash service. One bottle lasted me three months and you’ll see a difference in four weeks (with best results in 16). I’m only three weeks in but I’m already noticing they’re thicker and, having seen the lashes of someone who’s been using it for 6 months (a-MAZING), I’m applying it religiously!”
The promise: Twenty five per cent longer, 106 per cent thicker and 18 per cent darker lashes in three months. The lowdown: Mylash uses a prescription only formula that was originally used in the treatment of glaucoma. It’s already a cult treatment in the US. After a consultation, I apply a thin layer daily along my lash line until the lashes reach my desired length (it takes three months). The results: Beyond what I hoped for – my lashes are longer, darker and thicker.

Mylash is a UK company, run by British doctors

Mylash was originally founded by Tom Walker in 2007 based on his knowledge that a well studied treatment for glaucoma, an eye condition, had an interesting side effect – eyelash growth!

He has a keen interest in hair growth and non-surgical ways to improve this for cosmetic purposes and post-chemotherapy.

Dr Walker has been published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and has contributed his professional opinions to articles in Hello magazine, Elle, Grazia and many more.

Mylash continues to only use British based medical doctors to ensure a safe service that offers you a clinically proven treatment.


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