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Latisse is a prescription only treatment available in America that comes in liquid form that you apply to the skin at the base of your eyelashes. Bimatoprost, the active ingredient, causes the eyelashes to grow longer, thicker and darker.

Bimatoprost was originally used as an eyedrop for the treatment of glaucoma. Doctors noticed that their patients were growing longer eyelashes. Mylash was founded in 2007 by Dr Tom Walker. The treatment is applied with an applicator to the eyelash line, for eyelash growth.

In 2008, the manufacturer of the treatment got full FDA approval to relabel the treatment as Latisse. They did not change any of the treatments ingredients – the contents of the bottle remains the same – but they renamed it Latisse and provided applicators with the treatment. The safety trials used to gain FDA approval demonstrated that the treatment was safe and effective for eyelash growth. The average patient in the trial grew eyelashes that were 25% longer, 106% thicker and 18% darker than before. Since then, numerous trials and millions of happy clients have further backed up these claims and other applications of the treatment have been popularised such as applying the treatment to the eyebrows and scalp, or using the treatment after chemotherapy.

Today Mylash still offers treatments to grow longer eyelashes. Latisse is only available in America. We allow you to order treatments online and ask for your medical details to create the most suitable prescription for you. We deliver the treatment to your door using a ‘signed for’ delivery and most orders arrive within 3 working days. We have now expanded and have clients across Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

We hope that you explore our website to read about our service, view real before and after pictures, and see the press coverage we have gathered. If you have any questions then please email or call and we will happily help.