There has been no photoshopping, no eyelash extensions and no professional studio shoots. These are pictures of real people that have grown their eyelashes and have taken the pictures themselves.

latisse beforelatisse after

Natalie, solicitor

”My lashes are very fair and I wanted more length. This really worked for me. I began to see a difference in just a few weeks. I’m happy with the amount of growth and will continue using it.”

buy latisse uk 1

buy latisse uk 1

Rowena, beauty blogger at

”I can really see results rather than just lashes in better condition. When I apply 1 coat of a mascara (any) it makes my lashes look ridiculously long – to the point where it actually looks a bit “fake lash” like. My aunt accused me of having lash extensions and has so far refused to believe that they’re my lashes but there you go. My lashes are getting in the way a bit now – because they’re getting long. You know how people with long lashes say they get tangled and stuff? I am experiencing that occasionally.”

Sarah Bacchus, beauty journalist

“AMAZING!!!!!! I am so happy and I have another 3 weeks to go to see the finished results, I will update the final picture soon! This treatment works, Hands down. Proof is in my pictures. No other treatment has ever helped me. I bet I have spent much more on silly expensive silly branded mascaras that don’t do a thing. I feel like a new woman with these, Thanks MyLash!”

Latisse UK

Sarah before treatment

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Sarah after 12 weeks of treatment

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Alice Hart-Davis, beauty journalist for the Daily Mail, Observer, Red magazine amongst others.

”What you can do to grow your eyelashes is a subject I seem to keep coming back to. There are many treatments out there, all claiming great results. What I’ve been doing for the past year is using a treatment supplied by Mylash. I was started on a prescription treatment that makes lashes grow thicker, darker and longer. Does it work? And how! These pictures aren’t brilliant but they show what it looks like as the lashes progress and show how much more dense they become.”

Latisse eyelashes uk

Michelle, beauty salon manager

“I have been using Mylash for close to three years. It still makes me smile when I get asked if I am wearing false eyelashes. It is a simple but essential part of my beauty regime.”

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Ashleigh, sales assistant

“I am an eyelash addict! I have been using eyelash extensions for years but I am so glad that I have found Mylash. It has saved me so much time and the results are amazing.”

Suzanne, dental receptionist

”There is a noticeable difference in my lash thickness. My lashes are as thick as they were when I was a teenager. I am very pleased with the results and after 17 weeks, not a day goes by that a complete stranger does not comment on my lashes.”


Holly, account manager

“Hi, just want to say a huge ‘thank you’ for making mylash available to me. I was in despair after losing a lot of eyelashes when I’d had my lash extensions removed. Please find attached a before and after photo! Thank you!!”