Mylash 6 Bottle Set

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MyLash service will grow your own lashes longer, thicker and darker. Within 16 weeks you can have incredible lashes. It has been independently proven to work by many clinical studies. 6 Bottle Set.

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Mylash offers a treatment in liquid form and is applied to the base of your eyelashes like a liquid eyeliner. It is absorbed into the hair bulb which is situated below the skin and it acts to upregulate the hair cycle. This results in an increased growth rate of the hair and the hair produced is longer, thicker and darker. Most of our customers find that one bottle lasts 3-4 months of daily use when used correctly. After 16 weeks of daily use it has been found that you can reduce your application to 3 times a week to maintain the results. The prescription for you is for treatment with Lumigan. This is offered on an off label basis. This means that the treatment has a licence for use primarily for glaucoma, but is being offered to you as a treatment for inadequate eyelash growth. Clinical studies have shown that this medication is safe to use for eyelash growth and the medicine is well studied. By ordering, you confirm that you accept this information, consent to the terms and conditions and you are happy to use the product off label for treatment of inadequate eyelashes.

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